Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not Really Peruvian fish, 1 and 2


  1. Anonymous3/3/10 23:12

    J'avoue éprouver de la difficulté à voir des poissons dans ces deux images, mais j'apprécie la composition expressive.

    Stephen GS

  2. Anonymous5/3/10 22:35

    ①looks like a sardine proccessing plant with the fish going into the plant on hooks ready to be defeathered and then canned. probably don't want to eat them but i like this.

  3. Merci for finding something interesting about my paintings/drawings. To tell you the truth, however, the title comes from an email I received from my daughter and used with the hope that sparks caused by the clash of perspectives would ignite new insights. The fish in question was called a hard-shelled fish but otherwise looked like a regulation normal fish, with fins and scales and on the slippery side.

  4. Hi John!
    This is Fun (blog and paintings too). I want to say something about the Peruvinan fish. The darker one with a lunar light and great depth is striking. It makes me feel so unsure about what I see. It's as if my eyes are peering through the nignt. It is organic,beautiful yet menacing with a twist of humor somehow. A very strange mix that I often get when I look at your work.