Sunday, November 1, 2009

Open Model Studio

There are a number of places to draw from the model in Montreal, but I go to the open model studio at the Illustrators Society in the Belgo building. It starts at 7:30, with 5 minute poses until the last couple are 10 minute poses. The posing stops at 9 for a half hour so people can stretch and pay their $10. (A fidelity card gives you a free night after five sessions). A bottle of Boreale Noir beer is offered to everybody, and then the last hour of 10 and 15 minute poses.
These two are from the last hour of the class, but I will also post some of the shorter poses, which often end up being the best ones.
It's pretty serious stuff for the people there and the models are treated with respect. The room is silent, except for the monitor who says "cinq (or dix etc.) minutes" before a new pose. After the session, however, there is starting to be some conversation.


  1. Anonymous3/3/10 23:01

    Yes... Je reconnais l modèle. Très bonne expression d'ensemble.

    Stephen GS

  2. I would love to know more about this drawing session as I am looking for short poses.

    I currently attend Centre George Vanier where there are 2 45 min. poses in 3 hours. Really enjoyed Westmount Visual Arts Centre, but prefer to pay as I go.

    I love the life in your drawings.